"It is by no means, an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, as a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe



The scientific reason leaves change colors in the fall 

As days get shorter and cooler, deciduous trees form what is known as abscission layers, blocking minerals and nutrients at the intersection of leaves and their branches. And while that’s bad news for the green chlorophyll, it allows other colorful chemical compounds to shine.

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there is no way to say that your are not attracted to certain genitals that isn’t transphobic. i dont think theres a gray area here, youre either being transphobic or youre not. if youre a lesbian and say youre not attracted to penises, you are transmisogynistic. to say that youre…

OP needs to gtfo the internet, step outside, take a deep breath and realize THAT IS NOT TRANSPHOBIC



Hold the fuck up. Hold the actual fuck up, dude. You are NOT going to tell me how to define MY OWN sexuality, just as I would never try to tell you how to define yours.

Listen here you smart mouthed lil so and so, every sexuality has a spectrum. EVERY. ONE. If I’m a lesbian and not attracted to penises, then that is how I fucking feel. I mean shit bruh, I’ve met straight women who aren’t attracted to penises. It can go any way, really. You can be homosexual and biromantic. You can be asexual and heteromantic. You can be fucking anything that does or doesn’t involve being attracted to a penis!

You don’t get to define my sexuality by your standards. You don’t get to throw insults and guilt around to try and force people to accept you. Could people (in general) stand to be more accepting of others and who they are? Hell yeah! No arguments from me! Is there still rampent transphobia in our cultures that needs to be addressed and dispossed of? HELL FUCKING YES!! And is there a very strong chance that overly enforced gender roles and heteronormative representations play a large role in people being narrow minded and outright hostile to transmen and transwomen? Abso-FUCKING-lutely!!

But at the end of the day you’ve gotta recognize that attraction is a complex thing, and everyone is different. I don’t expect every fucking lesbian I see to be attracted to me just because we’re lesbians. Shit, not every straight dude is attracted to every chick he sees. PEOPLE HAVE PREFERENCES AND THAT IS NORMAL, FINE, AND PERFECTLY OKAY!! What I think (what I hope) you were trying to say is that people shouldn’t write somebody off completely because of their anatomy. But dude, you went about it the wrong fucking way.

What the actual fuck?!!? Dish dropped CNN!!! What the hell Dish Network??!!



In the golden age of the Protheans, Ilos was a verdant world, dotted with the spires and arches of magnificent cities. Even casual observation shows this is no longer the case. Ilos has been devastated by means unknown, its entire surface changed to the color of rust. The atmosphere shows heightened levels of oxygen. Wildfires, presumably ignited by lightning strikes, can be seen burning on the dark side. This indicates that most –— if not all — respiring animal life forms have died off.